Communications Technologies

STA understands that as military and other Government operations become increasingly interconnected, the need for versatile, reliable, and efficient Communications technologies becomes more crucial. Different entities are routinely joining forces on particular operations and tasks, requiring real-time, reliable networks capable of accommodating and connecting varying users.

Our technical staff holds expertise in a broad array of cutting edge communications technologies, ranging from future generations of Network Centric Radio Systems, to Optical RF Communications, to secure hybrid Free Space Optical and RF Internet Protocol-based Gateway Network systems. The communications technologies that STA helps refine and develop serve critical roles in the field of battle, allowing for: fewer interruptions; less signal degradation; affordable, tactical, real-time, high fidelity video, data, and voice services; and coexistence with electronic warfare.

Among the particular Communications technologies in which STA's technical staff maintains expertise include:


  • Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet)
  • Non-classified IP Router Network (NIPRNet)
  • The Global Information Grid (GIG) Engineering
  • Active Directory Engineering (LDAP)
  • Mobile Ad hoc Interoperability Networking GATEway (MAINGATE) - The next generation Network Centric Radio System (NCRS)
  • Optical and Satellite Network Analyses
  • Optical RF Communications - Secure hybrid Free Space Optical (FSO) and RF Internet Protocol-based Gateway Network systems
  • Dynamic Spectrum Access
  • Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN)
  • Wireless Networking after Next (WNaN)
  • Control-Based Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (CBMANET)
  • Network Monitoring and Simulation (NMS)
  • Advanced High Speed Communications / Next Generation Internet (NGI)
  • Image Compression Techniques and Image Transmission Protocols that provide for improved battlefield communications
  • High Performance, Low Power, Signal Processing suitable for embedded applications