Fellowship / Internship Program

STA offers a Fellowship / Internship program as an opportunity for Fellows or Interns to gain Defense Contractor experience in a real-world environment. College graduates are eligible to be Fellows and College students are eligible to be Interns.

Program Objectives:

  • Assist Fellows/Interns with enhancing applicable skills, including: interpersonal, research, communication, scheduling, and business.
  • Develop basic knowledge of Government Contracting processes, stakeholders, and atmosphere.
  • Provide broad overview of business activities and areas, so that Fellows/Interns can gain perspective of varying paths and types of work.

    • Government contracts environment
    • Technical paths
    • Financial / Programmatic paths
    • Internal / Business Operations

Structure / Schedule:

  • For College Graduates: ~2-4 month Fellowship. Level of effort is approximately 20 hours per week.
  • For College Students:Multiple ~8-10 week Internship sessions per year, timed around academic calendar – Sessions in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Level of effort is approximately 20 hours per week.

Our inaugural Fellow, Abby, did a terrific job with her research tasks! ...Thanks Abby!!!