Transitioning of Programs to Ultimate Users

The primary goal for each program in which STA is a team member is to create a technology that can ultimately be used by an end-user to protect America's national interests. In some cases this means creating a technology that protects the Nation's information infrastructure, while in others it means providing warfighters the equipment necessary to stay a step ahead of battlefield opponents. STA's team of employees and consultants maintain strong competencies when it comes to working with ultimate end-users (such as the Army, Navy and Air Force) to implement newly created technologies already existing platforms.

"Program Transition" tasks Include:

  • Identifying current end-user platforms that can benefit from newly created technologies.
  • Creating a strategy for implementing new technologies into specific end-user platforms.
  • Managing the implementation of new technologies into end-user platforms.
  • Testing and evaluating the performance of end-user platforms post new technology implementation.